Single Post Supports

Strut Supports

Condensate Drain Piping

Typically used as a free standing/non-penetrating pipe support stand for piping installed on single ply and built-up roofs. The threaded rod and clamp assembly telescopes to provide vertical adjustment to allow gravity flow for condensate piping. The support is designed to be used as a pipe support stand for all applications installed on single ply or built-up roofs where thermal expansion is not a concern.

  • Models for Pipes Sizes – 1/4” through 2” Steel, Copper or PVC.
  • Stainless Steel ATR with Nylon SNS Clamp
  • UV Protected Nylon or Stainless Steel Base for Structural Supports.
  • Available with integrated 1/8” or ½” HD Walk Pad
  • Vertically Adjustable ranges from 4”- 20”; 4” Fixed height model available with MT-1V.
  • Free Standing or Structurally Attached.
  • Designed and manufactured in compliance with the International Fuel Gas Code, MSS SP-58-2002, MSS SP-69-2002 and MSS SP-127-2001 where applicable for structural support systems.
  • MS-1 Series-Patent # 6,536,717

Structurally Attached Support

Example: MX-1.375 - (Clamp Size)-SA
The Structurally Attached Support Series provides a manufactured support designed to secure single piping systems on single ply or built-up roofs in areas where seismic or high wind zones are of concern and where structural design allows for system loads at attachment points.
  • Provides a secure weatherproof penetration of the roof deck, while minimizing the overall flashed area of the installation.
  • Where project design allows, free standing supports may be used in conjunction with structurally attached supports.
  • For increased loading:
    Under deck structural support or reinforcement of roof insulation should be considered.
  • Where Structural Blocking is Utilized:
    Load is transferred directly to the structure; thereby increasing the allowable load, as approved by the structural engineer, any increased loading should not exceed 500 lbs.

Related Accessories

    Walk Pads

  • Material: 100% Recycled Black Rubber Surface: Flat smooth
  • Back Side: Wire mesh texture, anti-skid sur- face.
  • Weight 3 lbs. per square foot. Sizes: Varies by support.

Model Numbers

Roller Supports
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    Additional Notes:
  • Maximum pipe size based upon load and spacing calculations for usual and customary pipe sizes.
  • Weight limits are established by the contact area of the support to roof surface with a maximum load per square inch of 5 lbs.
  • Where installation height exceeds 12” refer to MAPA Products “Recommended Installation Guidelines”