Single Post Supports/Heavy Duty Curbed Series
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The MAPA Curb Support series provides a manufactured curb support designed as a cost-effective heavy-duty platform upon which to mount or secure equipment and piping systems.  Structurally Attached Single Post Supports provides a secure weatherproof penetration of the roof deck by whick a variety of support and restraint options become available.  The MX-1-SA series is a stainless steel structural single post support with a standard 4" riser with 4" diameter base and a 10" X 10" flange with rounded corners. 

Base Assembly 18 gauge, grade 304 SS
Rod Assembly
1/2" Grade 304 SS ATR
Distance from Roof Deck  
Base Dimension 10" X 10"
Foot Print 50 Sq. Inches
Attachment Hardware 14" X3/8" ATR, 14 Gauge primed steel plate
Max Weight
75 lbs.



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