Structural Restraint Systems may be utilized in areas where seismic or high wind zones are of concern and where structural design allows for system loads at attachment points.  MAPA Products recommends the following Curb Support series and accessories as an effective means by which piping and supports are positively secured directly to the roof deck.

Curbed Support Series:  

The vertical flange accepts a standard 1-5/8" square strut thus allowing mulitple support configurations.

The hard cast rubber roller cradles the piping while allowing it the freedom of movement necessary due to thermal expansion of the piping system.  Will accommodate up to a 10"IPS.  Recommended for Mechanical and Gas Piping.

When utilized within the recommended loading limits the strut supports are recommended for securing single or multiple line sets when thermal expansion is not a concern.   Recommended for Electrical Conduit and Refrigeration Lines.

Single post support is available with 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" ATR mounting rods providing a 2" attachment point above the shroud or as a single post pipe support assembly sized as specified for the application.

MPS: (X)-36/12
Where rooftop services require structural support; the Utility Pedestal may be utilized.  The MPS Series are typically used to construct trapeze support systems, curb and equipment support systems.