Single Post Support for Condensate and Conduit Piping

The MT and MS Series supports are manufactured from a nylon base with an adjustable threaded rod assembly which provides an economical method of supporting a single pipe.  Stainless steel hardware with either the SNS clamp or SS clamp w/ UV Stabilized Rubber Cushion which provides vibration isolation and separation  of dissimilar metals.  The addition of the optional neoprene pad adhered to the base provides additional protection for the roof during installation.  All supports are available with an optional MWP Series -1/2" Walk Pad and adhesive for "in the field" application.

It is recommended that the Single Post Supports be installed on single ply and built-up roofs as a non-penetrating, free standing pipe support stand recommended for condensate piping and conduit within the recommended weight limit.  The telescoping rod can be adjusted to allow piping to be installed level over tapered roofs.  When used with condensate piping, rods can be adjusted to ensure proper flow.  Use for natural gas piping only when thermal expansion is not a concern.

Series Available:

MT-1V Pipe Cradle
MT-1 Single Post Support
MS-1 Single Post Support
MS-1 Extended Height

MX-1 Single Post Support