Roller Supports/Heavy Duty Extended Height

Case Qty 1 unit

Designed as a heavy duty stainless steel pipe support for plumbing and mechanical piping to be installed on single ply or built-up roofs.

Optional Accessories available for this product:

MPS-17 - 1 1/4" X 17" SS Pipe Strap
MWP1016 - 10" X 16" X 1/2" Walk Pad

Base Assembly 18 gauge, grade 304 SS
Rod Assembly 1/2" Grade 304 SS ATR
Roller Assembly 3/8" - SS ATR Shaft,  Hard Cast Rubber Roller W/ Nylon Bushing
Adjustment Height     3" to 14"
Base Dimension 6" X 12"
Footprint 72 sq. in.
Max Weight 195 lbs.
Max Pipe Size Single 5" or Smaller



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