Stainless Steel Based Platform Supports

The MAPA Master Base is designed for use as a non-penetrating, free standing pipe support stand for all piping applications within the recommended weight limit.  These "master bases" are intended for use as a cost-effective heavy-duty platform from which various support configurations may be constructed.   An optional 1/2" thick rubber walk pad may be adhered to the base providing additional protection for the roof, while allowing for an increased weight load.

The master bases are used as a pipe support stand for mechanical piping up to 10" diameter installed on single ply or built-up roof.  Typically used for water and return drain piping, however is applicable for ducting systems, roof mounted equipment or piping runs where heavy-duty support is needed.  Framing configurations may be factory modified to meet design criteria for sloped roof surfaces.

Where applicable the contractor may utilize the MAPA Master Bases along with materials commonly found in their inventory to fabricate the support to meet the specifications of the job.  This adaptability provides an effective means to support single or multiple runs while protecting the roof membrane from the effects of thermal expansion.
Available SS Base Sizes:          






Base Dimensions 8" X 15" 10" X 10" 14" X 16" 16" X 16" 20" X 20"
Foot Print 120 Sq. In. 100 Sq. In. 224 Sq. In. 256 Sq. In. 400 Sq. In.
Recommended Weight Limit 250 lbs. 250 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 800 lbs.
Adjustment Heights Variable / Not to exceed 36" without engineer and manufacturer approval