Nylon / SS Corner & Equipment Supports


This corner-mounted base provides an economical method of supporting roof mounted equipment.  The non-adjustable base assembly is manufactured from a fiberglass reinforced 6/6 Nylon with a rubberized protective coated metal corner assembly which is then covered with a neoprene pad.  The optional neoprene pad adhered to the base provides additional protection for the roof.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty support base used as a platform for various pipe support configurations, duct, equipment platforms, walkways and crossover systems.  When used as an equipment support, it is available with either a corner or side bracket.  Where applicable the contractor may utilize the MAPA Master Bases along with materials commonly found in their inventory to fabricate the support to meet the specifications of the job.  This adaptability provides an effective means to support single or multiple runs while protecting the roof membrane from the effects of thermal expansion.  The size and weight of the unit will determine the necessary base size.

MB-1010    MB-1616