Duct Support Systems



The MAPA Master Base Assembly is designed for use as the platform from which various support configurations may be manufactured.  Although the MB-815 is the standard base for duct supports; where a larger footprint is desired the  MB-1416 or MB-2020 may be utilized.  An optional 1/2" thick rubber walk pad may be adhered to the base to provide additional protection for the roof membrane.
Please provide the following information. (Where Applicable)

Height / Width of Duct

Vertical Clearance Number of Segments Required
Support Pad
Technical Details for Equipment Platforms / Walkways / Crossovers
Base Pads Strut Hardware    
18 Gauge/ Grade 304
Stainless Steel
1/2" Thick rubber
walk pad
1 5/8" Slotted Shelf Brackets, Bolts, Washers
Nuts and Fittings

Contact Manufacturer for complete quotation and submittal package.