SS Pipe Straps utilized with MAPA Products Roller Supports to secure the pipe to the support still allowing movement of the pipe.

Sized according to the various sizes of roller supports available.
Model Number    Size Used For
MPS-7 1/2" X 7" For use w/ MT-1V
MPS-11 3/4" X 11" For use w/ MT-2RA6, MT-2RF4, MS-2.5RA7
MPS-14 1" X 14" For use w/ all MS-4 Series
MPS-17 1 1/4" X 17"   
For use w/ all MS-5 Series
MPS-26 1 1/4" X 26 For use w/ all MX-8 Series
MPS-32 1 1/4" X 32
For use w/ all MX-10 Series