The design of the Snap-N-Strut Clamps makes them the perfect accessory to MAPA Products Nylon and Stainless Strut Supports and Bridging Systems.  Snap-N-Strut Clamps and Strut Nuts are produced from a high performance UV stabilized 6/6 nylon resins possessing exceptional long-term stress resistance and chemical stability over a wide range of temperatures.

The hinged, snap-on lock arm adjusts for pipe O.D. variations, affording each hanger the ability to accommodate several different pipe sizes.  The upper and lower engagement plates are designed to grip the strut and restrain lateral movement along its length.  When the pipe is inserted into the hanger, the hanger can no longer turn.  Thus, even the need for a lock nut is eliminated.  With a totally non-metallic design, there is no need to isolate copper tubing.  Eliminating the concern for galvanic corrosion.
Refer to selection chart for appropriate sizing
Sizes Available: 12-16 17-20 21-24
  25-29 30-34 35-38
  40-44 48-54 56-63
  66-76 79-93 101-115