Where there is concern for potential damage to the hydrant assembly due to severe cold weather, the MPH-24FP:24/9 Pedestal Hydrant with its Weather-Guard Dome provides a 24” tall freeze proof hose station at required rooftop locations. The Stainless Steel Shroud and Base allow the contractor to make a positive, weather tight flashing to the Hydrant.

The MPH-24FP:24/9 meets ASSE 1057 Sanitary Yard Hydrant Standard.

The dome handle enables the user to operate the valve assembly while preventing rainwater from entering the enclosure. The hydrant utilizes the best of the Nibco globe valves within a fully insulated stainless steel shroud.



The MPH-24FP:24/9 meets ASSE 1057 Sanitary Yard Hydrant Standard.  The hydrant utilizes a 1" bronze valve within a fully insulated stainless steel shroud.  The "drain down design" of the MPH-24FP:24/9 hydrant operates on the venturi principle.  When the hydrant is OFF, the stopper seals against the nozzle and stops flow.  The water remaining in the riser drains back into the reservoir tank below the roofline.  When the hydrant is ON, the flow through the nozzle creates a vacuum in the reservoir evacuating the water out through the hydrant.

A brass valve float assembly located on the stainless shroud allows air to escape from the reservoir as the tank fills and allows air to enter the tank as the vacuum force evacuates the water from the tank.

A quick disconnect provided allows a hose to be readily removed when not in use so as to insure proper evacuation of the reservoir during freezing conditions.

Valve Assembly 125 psi 1" Bronze Globe Angle Valve; Male Hose Fitting/Quick Disconnect W/ Built-in Vacuum Breaker
Drain Features Stainless Steel Reservoir
Handle Black powder coated cast aluminum Weather Guard Dome Handle
Shroud Grade 304 stainless steel shroud w/ welded stainless steel flange
Insulation R-8 rated / Thermo Cell Insulation
Mounting Hardware Black powder coated under-deck support flange w/ hardware
Optional Deck Cap - Suffix "D"



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