The MPH-24D:24/9 utilizes a 1" bronze valve within a fully insulated stainless steel shroud.  This Auto-Drain assembly utilizes a full port ball valve with an auto-drain port that is located below freeze line at the base of the Hydrant.  The "drain down design" of the MPH-24D:24/9 hydrant allows the water remaining in the stand pipe to discharge through the field provided drain down piping to an open site drain located below the roofline.

An auto-drain type hose vacuum breaker is permanently attached to the discharge outlet located near the top of the pedestal.  Supply connection is made at the 3/4" fitting located at the base of the hydrant.

Valve Assembly 125 psi 3/4" Ball Valve; Male Hose Fitting/Quick Disconnect
Drain Features Provided with "loose-fit"wye-strainer for field installation
Handle Black powder coated cast aluminum Weather Guard Dome Handle
Shroud Grade 304 stainless steel shroud w/ welded stainless steel flange
Insulation R-8 rated / Thermo Cell Insulation
Mounting Hardware Black powder coated under-deck support flange w/ hardware
Optional Deck Cap - Suffix "D"










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