Roof Top Pipe Supports

How can pipe be supported across a roof and prevent the pipe and support from damaging the roof or roof membrane?                   
Common Support Solutions:
  • Treated wood blocks or redwood runners.
  • Stackable plastic or foam block supports.
  • Adjustable plastic base supports with stainless steel hardware.
  • Stainless steel adjustable supports.

The Outcome:

  • Wood blocks, (Cheap) may cause extensive damage to the roof due to thermal expansion.
  • Stackable plastic or foam blocks, (Inexpensive) depending on the number necessary to achieve the proper distance to the roof surface; can rapidly deteriorate due to environmental variables and when strapped to the pipe are still subject to the effects of thermal expansion.

                             Adjustable plastic base supports (Cost-effective) provide an option between expensive stainless steel and other less durable products in the market.

Stainless steel pipe stands, (Expensive) hold up far better than other metals but costs can exceed five times the price of the piping it is designed to support and still should have a traffic pad or other cushion installed.

MAPA Products

Versatile Practical  Affordable



MAPA Products supports are designed and manufactured in accordance with, MSS SP-58-2002 and MSS SP-69-2002.
Seismic and wind resistant applications are manufactured to conform to MSS SP-127-2001.