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MAPA Products- Founded in 1998, in Naples, Texas, our company has been a driving force in the manufacturing of rooftop support systems.  When alternatives for rooftop supports were “wood blocks” or expensive stainless steel supports; MAPA introduced the first plastic based adjustable support for light to medium duty gas piping.This cost effective support started a design trend that revolutionized the industry.  

Realizing the potential of rooftop appurtenances and the significant roles these items would play in commercial and industrial construction, MAPA decided to expand the product line ever more popular and affordable to all.  In the year 2000, as the various disciplines began to recognize the necessity of practical and affordable products for their construction needs, MAPA was poised to gain momentum in the market.At MAPA Products, we have over 50 years of experience in solving common problems within the plumbing and mechanical industries. Our Research and Development team continue to design many new inventions to meet emerging product needs. We understand your needs and provide versatile, practical and affordable solutions in response.
Increases in construction costs seem to always follow new and innovative techniques and products. MAPA Products finds creative ways to enhance these technical improvements by providing cost-effective products to the construction industry.

Our rooftop products include stainless steel and nylon freestanding, adjustable rooftop pipe and equipment support systems, structural supports for seismic and wind resistant applications, rooftop pedestals for water, gas and electrical services.

Other products include our Industrial Control Station providing a unique packaged system for local authority over a variety of services via control circuitry coordinating with preassembled solenoid/valve and electrical companion enclosures. These systems afford the ability to monitor the application, as well emergency shutdown.

MAPA Products endeavors to provide versatile, practical and affordable solutions for the common challenges within the mechanical, plumbing and electrical disciplines.


Roof Top Pipe Support Systems, Roof Top Pedestal Hydrandts, Roof Top Equipment Support Systems, Roof Top Utility Pedestals

We have many distributors and retailers all over North America to deliver our products to customers. Please check out our distribution page and you will find a distributor or local sales representative near you.