ICS / Industrial Control Station

Our Industrial Control Station provides a unique packaged system for local authority over a variety of services via control circuitry coordinating with preassembled solenoid/valve and electrical companion enclosures.  These systems afford the ability to monitor the application, as well emergency shutdown.

Panic Button - Disengages the system-requiring key activation to re-engage.
Key Switch - Activates the system each time a circuit is to be engages.
Control Switch - Activates circuit(s) with key activation or deactivates to OFF
Panel Mounted LED - Indicates that System is Active.

Available Companion Components:
Individual solenoids as well as solenoid enclosures are available as companion components for the ICS.  Additionally, service panels can be custom assembled for application demands where output circuitry is in excess of units ratings.

  Unit is provided with mounting hardware
Flush Wall Mount Wall Box is provided with a flush mounting flange
Control Panel Stainless Steel 16 gauge 6.75 X 12.625
Wall Box 16 gauge plated sheet metal 6.0 X 11.875 X 4
Output rating 120 VAC @ 10 amps
  24 VAC - Single Output 1.5amps (Pilot Duty)
               Dual Output 3 amps (Pilot Duty)
This unit is assembled using UL components, but it is not UL Listed.









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