Pedestal Starter-Disconnect



  Pedestal Starter Disconnect:
MPSD-(XX)-R / Starter Disconnect
MPSD-(XX)R-S / Starter Disconnect w/ Panel Switches
MPSD2-(XX)-R-S / Two Speed Starter Disconnect
The MAPA Products Fusible Rainproof Pedestal Mounted Safety Switch provides local starter disconnect of the electrical service at roof mounted equipment.  The stainless Shroud with integrally welded deck flange enables a positive weather-tight flash of the unit to the roof membrane without the need for additional flashing or pitch-pan.  The need to interrupt electrical service remotely in the case of equipment change-out can be avoided since service disconnect is mounted adjacent to rather than onto the equipment.

Designed for 3 phase applicataions such as roof mounted air conditioning units and exhaust fans.  These non-reversing switches are provided with installed Dual Element Time Delay fuses and heaters to meet the amp demands of the unit.
  Sizes Available:  30amp, 60amp, and 100 amp
Optional Features Available:  
G GFCI - Commercial grade receptacle housed in die-cast aluminum single gang weatherproof outlet box with weatherproof hinged cover plate
A Lightning Surge Arrestor
Suffix: xx/yy Extended shroud for above or below the roofline.
D An upper deck cap may be specified; Fit for standard 12" X 12" X 10" curb (Field Provided) Standard below flange dimension increases to 24"
5C 5' Termination Cable / Liquid-Tight Steel core Flexible Conduit
10C 10' Termination Cable / Liquid-Tight Steel core Flexible Conduit

Contact the Manufacturer for quotation and submittal package.

The Standard Stainless Steel Shroud extends above roof line 52 or 66 inches with an additional twelve inches beneath the roofline so as to permit the unit to be securely fastened to the roof structural members by securing the under-deck mounting flange to a welded deck flange.  The roof flange is provided with fastening hardware to enable the installer to secure the flange first against the shroud and then onto a deck flange.  Models R-S are provided with Panel Operating Switch and Pilot Lamp.

Pedestals are furnished completely assembled with Safety Switch and wiring leads below the roofline.  Where provided, electrical service wire cable leads for termination at the equipment are protected by Liquid-Tight Steel Core flexible Conduit.  Leads for connection to the power source below the roofline are shielded in Flexible Metal Conduit.

Component Specifics:   
Pedestal 4" X 4" 14 Gauge T-304 SS.   Total Length - Designated in model number
  Solid welded stainless cap tops off the Shroud 
Roof Flange 16 Gauge T-304 SS , Continuous welded seam at Pedetal
**Optional 12" X 12" Deck Cap
Under Deck Flange   Welded 14 Gauge Sheet Metal pedestal, Black powder coasted w/ anchor bolts and trim






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